MiterTech is a new firm with 16 years of experience crafting effective information technology (IT) solutions for business. Its mission is to provide professional, full-service IT consulting and support to small businesses in Washington's Puget Sound area, with a focus on law offices of all sizes.

How We Can Help
Intelligently selected and properly implemented, computer-based systems can enable you and your employees to be more productive, reduce administrative overhead, improve client service, and reach new prospects. But without a sound plan to apply technology with your unique needs in mind, realized through professional implementation, your IT investments can be wasted or even counterproductive.

MiterTech offers responsive, professional IT services. We'll take the time to assess where your business is and where you want it to go, then explain IT options in language you can understand. Sound planning becomes effective results through expert systems implementation, with project management, technical resources, vendor coordination, and staff education services brought to bear as required. And, we can free you from the need to retain in-house IT staff with sustaining support services.

We differentiate ourselves from other technical service outfits with our strong, client-oriented support ethic and an emphasis on effective integration of people, processes, and technology.

Please contact us soon for a free consultation.

MiterTech's framework for managing an engagement and addressing your firm's needs with information technology includes these precepts:
  • Fully understand the problem to be solved and craft a complete, forward-looking solution
  • Lay out the expected results and total cost upfront, in writing
  • Deliver proven & reliable industry-standard technology
  • Afford equal attention to the human element
  • Always "make it right" in the client's eyes; follow-through on commitments
  • Engender trust; respect the client's property, privacy and values

Contact Information
MiterTech is located in Kirkland, Washington, USA.

General Info:

       Phone: xxx xxx-xxxx

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